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Behaviour Problems

What is a horse behaviour problem?

Any aspect of your horse’s behaviour which you feel is undesirable, whether it is unsafe, causing distress to your horse, or of concern to you, is a behaviour issue.

Some of these could include:

  • Handling issues such as leading, catching, barging, pulling away, difficulty grooming, picking out feet,refusal to stand still for vet, farrier or clipping, head shyness, aggression.
  • Ridden problems including tacking up, mounting, spooking, napping, rearing, bucking, bolting, failure to go forward, performance issues.
  • Fears such as separation anxiety, inanimate objects, vehicles, traffic, veterinary procedures or the farrier.
  • Other difficulties including loading, travelling, or stereotypic ‘stable vices’ such as weaving, windsucking, box/fence walking, crib biting.

By understanding the root cause of any difficult behaviour we can choose the most effective and positive method to solve it. Every situation is different.

Kind and carefully considered solutions will be tailored around your horse, ensuring the problem is fixed long term.

Three choices in life… Give up. Give in. Or give it all you’ve got!