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Frequently Asked Questions

As a registered Equine Behaviour Consultant I can help you to resolve any behavior issue by offering the following benefits…

  • Carry professional qualification
  • Prioritise safety and welfare at all times
  • Hold full insurance including Professional Indemnity
  • Offer bespoke advice to meet the needs of the individual client and horse
  • Liaise with other qualified and insured professionals as a multidisciplinary team for the maximum benefit of client and horse (e.g. Veterinary Surgeons, Veterinary Physiotherapists, Society of Master Saddlers Qualified Saddle Fitters, Registered Farriers and BHS Registered Instructors).
  • Accountable to the Society’s disciplinary board
  • Provide the highest levels of client service
  • Use an empathetic, diagnostic and holistic approach

To help you and your horse in the best possible way I use the following approaches –


  • To kindly and calmly help you and your horse to improved understanding and communication.
  • Having assisted with numerous behavioural issues and the stresses involved, you will have the assurance that you’ll be understood as well as professionally supported every step of the way.


  • A full history will be taken and your horse’s behavior and investigated to find the root cause of the issue.
  • Effectively saving time, expense and potential stress of exposure to the wrong training methods for your horse.


  • To consider all the environmental factors in your horse’s life, such as management, experiences, training, physical effects, etc.

Not only will all factors be considered for professional diagnosis, but all environmental aspects in your horses life will be included in any advice given. For instance, if the behavior is related to a physical issue then your vet, farrier or physiotherapist may be liased with, if necessary.

We would find a suitable time and I’d visit you and your horse at your stable yard. Firstly I would take a full history from yourself in a quiet place to ensure any interruptions are minimal, so you get the most from the visit. Then I would watch you and your horse interacting in a natural way, without changing the daily routine if possible. I may also wish to see the presenting behaviour problem or part of it, only if safe to do so and if it doesn’t cause any stress to your horse or yourself. You only need do what you are totally comfortable with, on the day. Everybody’s safety and welfare are my primary concern.

As a qualified Equine Behaviour Consultant I can provide advice based on my expertise and experience. As an owner you will need to be prepared to implement any changes or behaviour modification plan, with my guidance and support. The insights and guidance you’ll be given allow you to better understand your horse. You’ll feel enlightened and empowered and more confidently able to manage.

The understanding and communication you share with your horse is unique to you and this is why you’ll be involved every step of the way. Any behavior modification plan will be carefully tailored around you both, in a positive, safe and simple plan. By being fully involved, the bond between you and your horse can only grow stronger. I am also available to support you through positive training sessions’ if you wish.

Some cases can be resolved quite quickly with minor changes in management, others take longer and involve retraining. It depends on the individual circumstance but the more time and commitment you’re able to give, the better the chance of success.  Supportive follow up email/phone advice is provided for 12 months following the consultancy.

No single system exists that works effectively to address all horse behaviour problems. You and your horse are individuals, therefore one method that works for one may not work for another, it may even heighten the problem. This is where professional Equine Behaviour Consultants differ from some other trainers. Any advice or behaviour modification plan given is tailored to you and your horse. Your horse’s unique situation, history, and your needs, confidence, time and facilities available, are all taken into account to resolve the situation for the long term.

In order to accurately diagnose and resolve a behavioural issue I will need to see you and your horse in a private consultation so the behaviour can be properly investigated. Without a consultation, general advice only can be offered including safety guidance.

If you have any concern, no matter how small, that your horse’s behaviour may be somehow linked to a physical issue, or that a separate physical problem may contribute to the problem behaviour, I would insist your vet sees your horse first. It’s also necessary for me to understand any medical anomaly that may be affecting your horse’s behaviour.

Qualified Equine Behaviour Consultants have academic knowledge of ethology and learning theory. I will be able to address your horse’s behaviour through the practical implementation of learning theory and by taking into consideration your individual circumstances and your unique human-horse relationship. Trainers usually have a diverse skill set in teaching and competition training, usually working with training issues rather than behavioural issues. Some training methods can exacerbate a behaviour problem.

Yes I can support you through ‘positive training sessions’ if you wish. Some undesirable behaviours can be resolved by small changes in management whilst others need time and retraining.

Mostly yes, along with your time and commitment to the changes or retraining advised. I’ll provide you with all you need to modify your horse’s behaviour. Supportive follow up email/phone advice is provided for 12 months following the consultancy.

In some cases I may, only if it is safe and will not cause stress to you or your horse. The history I take and watching you with your horse, will give me most of the information I need to draw a professional conclusion about the best solution to improve the behaviour. Sometimes if you can provide video footage this can help too, however only if it is safe and will not cause any stress to do so.

As a Registered Equine Behaviour Consultant, I’ll not waste your time with a training plan if it is my professional opinion that you and your horse are not well suited and unlikely to be able to manage safely together. My approach is empathetic as I understand how difficult situations like this can be, and will do my best to give you all of the information you need to help you decide how to move forward positively, both for your safety and your horse’s welfare.

Yes, I promote the use of reward-based training whenever possible. I advocate only humane, safe and non violent techniques. These will be comfortable for you both and allow greater understanding and harmony between you and your horse.

Yes, clicker training can be useful in some circumstances.