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Nicole and Mojo

My daughters young horse Mojo was being ridden on the road when a cyclist lost control of his bike. The cyclist fell off and his bike slid across the road towards Mojo which caused her to spook and bolt. After this accident Mojo became almost impossible to ride on the road or in the forest. Every bicycle she saw caused her to react dangerously. She would rear, spin and bolt putting my daughter’s life in danger and also other people in the forest or on the road. Hacking was no longer a pleasure as it had been and I stopped my daughter riding out as I was worried for her safety.

A friend suggested seeking the help of an Equine behavior specialist and recommended Sarah Clark. Sarah came to visit us and immediately reassured us that our problem with Mojo was solvable which made us feel better and very relieved. We were given a tailor made re-training plan especially written for us to follow to help Mojo overcome her fear of bicycles. The time we put in working with Mojo really paid off and over the next couple of months we noticed the dramatic change as Mojo came to accept the bicycles as nothing to be afraid of.

Sarah was always available and on hand whenever we needed her either for reassurance that things were going as they should be or just joining us in a training session whenever we asked her to, to help us with moving on to the next step in the plan.

I am now happy for my daughter to ride out on the road and in the forest and am so grateful to Sarah for supporting us to help Mojo overcome her fear.

I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough, she is professional and knowledgeable and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Sarah Clark, Equine Behaviour Consultant, has been a volunteer at Chigwell Riding Trust for at least 4 years and I’ve known her all her life as I used to teach her mother when Sarah was a baby.

Sarah has been a tremendous help to Chigwell Riding Trust over the years. Not only has she volunteered as a leader/side helper with our riders with disabilities or special needs, Sarah also helps with any Equine behavioural issues that may arise. Her professionalism, calmness and patience around the horses are great to watch.

If ever I have an issue with any of the horses or ponies Sarah would be the first person I would contact for help. I could not recommend her more highly.

Deborah Hall MBE FRDA
Chigwell Riding Trust

Aline and Craic

Sarah is very knowledgable, kind and supportive. She takes her time to listen to you and your horse’s back story, get the horse ready, do the training session and you never feel rushed or judged. It is such a nice feeling to be able to talk freely about all the details, worries or desires of where you would like to be with your horse.

Sarah is always there to offer advice via email or on the phone should you have any concerns post meeting. She has a genuine interest in you and your horse’s welfare and I can only recommend Sarah.”

Sue and Danny

Danny our naughty Shetland is a changed character. A huge thank you Sarah for the techniques which I never realised could have such a powerful influence over our relationship with horses!

Sue Rose. Owner/Breeder of multi National Show Arab Champions including HOYS 2005/7, European 2004 & Supreme British 2015.

Jane and Goldie

“I simply cannot rate Sarah highly enough. What she has done for me and Goldie is truly amazing. I’ve gone from having a horse who I couldn’t mount even with someone holding her to a horse who just the other day I mounted from a stump on the side of the road. Sarah understands how to achieve the best results possible and what each horse will be the most responsive with. I’m still doing my daily work and when we have hiccups I got back to the beginning steps but only need to do it once before Goldie is reminded of what I’d like from her. I would highly recommend Sarah for any issue! Thank you Sarah!!”

Chelsie and Pasha

“Sarah worked wonders with our little Shetland Pasha. Sarah is very friendly and knowledgable, I have learnt so much and am so grateful.”

Tracey and Harley

“My vet recommended Sarah to me when we couldn’t get to the bottom of his behaviour problems. Sarah was kind and supportive in helping me with my horse I’ve had for over 8 years. Her professional approach and knowledge helped me a lot. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her, thank you again Sarah”